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Different reported sizes with df and du

From: Thomas Preissler
Subject: Different reported sizes with df and du
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 14:24:43 +0200


I have encountered a strange problem with df 4.0.

df shows me that a partition is nearly full. But when I use other
programs like du or calculate it by hand, other values are shown.

I have checked this problem with the latest version: fileutils-4.1
and it is the same problem.

Showing df -h:

  host:~ # df -h
  /dev/hda5             3.8G  3.4G  162M  96% /var

Doing a du /var -sh with du 4.0:
  host:~ # du /var -sh
  1.8G    /var

Counting filesize by hand shows me:

  host:~ # for s in $(find /var -printf "%s\n") ; do sum=$(echo "$sum+$s" | 
bc); done; echo $sum

Yes, there are a few links, but that size doesn't matter.

Filesystem Ext2, Kernel 2.2.14.

I remember similar problems, when there is a huge amount of small
files. But this system has only 1331 files on /var/.

I appreciate your help.

InterNetX GmbH, DNS Service Center    
Maxstrasse 6,   D-93047 Regensburg    
Preissler T.,      address@hidden
Tel. +49 941 595590   Fax. 5955968   

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