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Re: possible problem with mv

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: possible problem with mv
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:25:48 -0700
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Kerry Murphy <address@hidden> [2002-10-22 16:32:58 +0000]:
> I have a directory /usr/local/gcc-3.2/bin/bin.  The directory containes 
> executable files.  If I move the files with the following command mv * .. 
> then it seems to move all the files to the parent directory.

The '*' will not match any hidden files that might be in the directory.

> When I goto directory /usr/local/gcc-3.2/bin and try to remove the
> seemingly empty bin directory, I get error message that says I
> cannot remove the directory - It is not empty.  I do an ls on the
> bin directory and nothing comes up, but I can not

What does 'ls -a' say?

  ls -a

Probably there are hidden files there.  Since the 'mv * ..' does not
move hidden files it would have left those behind and the directory
would really not be empty.  If you mv the hidden files too then you
should be able to remove the directory.  And an rm -rf of the
directory itself should work as well.

The fact that you are using UMSDOS is probably pertinent if the above
is not the problem.  The theory goes that it should map everything
perfectly.  But perhaps there are problems there.


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