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From: rnutric
Subject: bug??!!!
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 17:42:06 +0100

Dear Sir

I am Raffaele Nutricato,
I would  report the following problem with cygwin:

I have a makefile which defines the following EXECUTABLES:

EXECUTABLES     = getorb lodr mdate convdate

as you can see this executables have names without the exestension .exe.

When I compile my source code the executables generated have the following

getorb.exe lodr.exe mdate.exe convdate.exe

This causes an error when I try to install these executables by
using the line:
because mv expects the name of the executables as:
getorb lodr mdate convdate

and not with the extension ".exe"

If I change the line with the following:

the error doesn't occur.

It seems that cp is capable to "understand" that .exe is omitted.

mv doesn't recognize the missing of .exe in the variable EXECUTABLES,
and the same happens for the command chmod:
chmod 755 $(EXECUTABLES) (this line gives the same error obtained with the
Best Regards,
Raffaele Nutricato

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