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Re: How to delete a file name?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: How to delete a file name?
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 10:18:08 -0700
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Ding guoqiang <address@hidden> [2002-11-06 17:51:23 +0800]:
> Dear sirs:
>                 There is a rubbish file name in my directory,which is "
> -la .signature", how to delete it? I have tried                 like
> these"rm  ./ -la .signature",and"rm --   -la .signature",but these
> doings are useless..

Since it contains spaces you need to quote the name.  I see you trying
that but you are also quoting the comamd name as well.  Try this.

  rm -- "./ -la .signature"

I was not quite sure of the name based upon your message.  You may
have to look closely at the file name.  You might find the -b option
to ls useful.

  ls -b

That will try to quote spaces so that the name can be cut-n-pasted
directly.  Here is an example.

  touch "foo bar"

  ls -b "foo bar"
  foo\ bar
  rm foo\ bar


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