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problems with rm

From: scott comer
Subject: problems with rm
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 11:58:43 -0600

generally, this might be a shell problem rather than an rm problem, but here it is:

using bash on some recent version of cygwin build:
ufind -name \*.class > x
rm `cat x`

this will fail if x is too large. there is absolutely no reason for it to fail. maybe if x
was, say, 50 meg or something. but 49k is not unreasonable.

short of fixing bash, perhaps a parameter to rm which says the following file is
a list of files to be removed:
rm -l x

(that's dash-ell).

this would be more efficient, anyway. what i do now is horribly inefficient:
ufind -name \*.class -exec rm \{} \;

scott out

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