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nowerror conversion for dd

From: Marian Eichholz
Subject: nowerror conversion for dd
Date: 14 Nov 2002 15:46:12 +0100


When You clear a defective hard disk for privacy (dd if=/dev/zero
of=...) or in other similar appplications, it might be really convenient
to have the opposite of the "noerror" conversion available.

Unfortunately, this option does not exist.

I once made a quick patch, but it did not implement a correct skip/seek
for the output file with all the necessary error handling (I noticed
right now :-( ).

So this scheme might be what we need:

if (write_error)
  if (nowerror_conversion) {
    if (!try_to_seek_behind_written_blocksize())
  } else give_up_as_usual()

What do You think about such a complement for the "noerror" conversion

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Yours sincerely

Marian Eichholz

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