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Re: ls sort order bug

From: David T-G
Subject: Re: ls sort order bug
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 11:16:07 -0500
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Matthew --

...and then Matthew Vanecek said...
% David,
% Thanks for you reply.  I did a little poking around, based on your

Sure thing!

% advice about LANG.  (BTW, I do have v4.1).  I set my LANG to the POSIX
% English setting (C) instead of American English (en_US), and now ls
% works like I know and love.  I appreciate your reply and apologize for

Good :-)  I know *exactly* how you feel.

% considering it a bug in ls.  I may have to submit a patch to (someone)
% to correct the behavior when LANG=en_US.  That's just very frustrating

Hmmm...  I think that "correct" is the wrong term here, since en_US
defines case insensitivity (IIRC).  Yeah, you might patch it, but I
should think that setting LC_COLLATE would be easier :-)

% (where's README!! why is it with rpm!!).  Until that's fixed, I think
% I'll try POSIX English.

Sounds like a good idea.  Note that you can have your LANG set to one
thing, your LC_COLLATE to another, and so on; your numbers could still
have commas for decimals rather than thousands separators while your
output sorted as you expect.

% Thanks.

Sure thing!


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