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From Anxious StsAdmi: dd does't work with tape drive?????

From: Jiang Qian
Subject: From Anxious StsAdmi: dd does't work with tape drive?????
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 02:35:13 -0500 (EST)

Dear fileutils maitainer:
        I'm a system administrator of a low-budget local network. I'm
trying to use tar/dump and ssh to do network backup to an Exacbyte VXA-1
external tape drive.
        When I issued following command

        tar cvf - temp | ssh cmtq8 "dd of=/dev/nst0 bs=64k"

        the system complains

        dd: writing `/dev/nst0': Invalid argument

        The curious thing is that by the time it complains and abort the
attempt it has already successfully tarred several files, which I can
        I can do tar/dump backup locally without problem, so it says
something about dd or the tape drive, or more precisely the compatibility
of the two.
        Is this a bug of dd? I'm using fileutils-4.1.9-11 on a redhat 7.1
        Is there anyway I can get around this using utilities that comes
with linux to do network backup on tape drive?
        Thank you very much.

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