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Re: rm command fails

From: David T-G
Subject: Re: rm command fails
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 12:48:25 -0500
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Jian --

...and then Chen, Jian (FSH) said...
% Hi,


% "rm" command does not remove files, and complains "Argument is too big"
% when the number of files is large. In my case, there are over 9000 files
% within a directory. 


% I don't know if it is a feature or a bug. I guess there is a physical limit
% to the maximum files for the command to handle, but I didn't find it from
% the man page. 

It's actually a shell limit rather than an rm limit, as I understand it.
It's certainly not limited to rm.

% The Linux I am using is:
% Linux version 2.4.18-10smp (address@hidden) (gcc
% version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.3 2.96-110)) #1 SMP Wed Aug 7
% 11:17:48 EDT 2002

You can get around this with xargs; see the man pages for xargs and find
(where it's most commonly used, or at least best known) for more.

% Thanks
% Jian CHEN
% Sr. Database Administrator
% Family Services and Housing
% Government of Manitoba
% phone: (204)945-0498
% fax: (204)948-2394

HTH & HAND & Happy Holidays

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