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Re: RES: Bug on cp

From: David T-G
Subject: Re: RES: Bug on cp
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 15:39:16 -0500
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Jenner --

...and then Borges, Jenner Gigante (BR-Paulista Seguros) said...
% Thanks for the answer.

Sure thing!

% The machine hangs and I can not login , I have to turn the power off.

Hmmm...  You should log in before it gets into trouble :-)

% No, I have a lot of disk space.

Good.  RAID?  SCSI?  IDE?

Oh, hey, what about free inodes?  2G needs a bunch of pointers...

% The file has 2GB.
% The filesystem is ext2.

Well, 2G is the ext2 limit, but you're probably going from ext2 to ext2
and so it's probably the 2G - 1 that it must be to fit.

% Yes, I am crossing filesystems./ora_siopsix is one filesystem e /staging is
% another.
% !cp "/ora_siopsix/siopsixdtma.ora" /staging
% !cp "/ora_siopsix/siopsix4dtma.ora" /staging
% !cp "/ora_siopsix/siopsix3dtma.ora" /staging
% !cp "/ora_siopsix/siopsix2dtma.ora" /staging
% !cp "/ora_siopsix/siopsix1dtma.ora" /staging

What if you just try one -- each one by itself to test?  Does it fail for
any particular one, or always the first, or only when you try more than
one or all, or ...?

% The copy does not involve network.
% I can not login to the machine and use top.
% I can not login to use strace.

If you can't log in at all (before there's a problem), it will be
extremely difficult to debug this.  If that's the case, talk to your
SysAdmin (who may have some ideas himself or herself) and get a login
account for this work.

% Thank you very much


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