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Re: bug???

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: bug???
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 10:46:40 -0700
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Lou Lohman <address@hidden> [2003-01-09 18:32:24 -0600]:
> While doing an Oracle Collaboration Suite install on Red Hat Advanced Server
> 2.1, we found that elements of the configuration  process failed because the
> Oracle Home was a symbolic link.

Could you be more specific about which program failed?  The GNU
fileutils is a large collection of programs.  Without some information
about which program failed it will be impossible to determine a cause.

> The failure was in java security.

If the problem was in Java then you have reported the problem to the
wrong folks.  No Java here.  Try to determine which Java you are using
and submit a report to that package's maintainer.

> Problem is, this issue does not exist in Solaris or Tru64.  You can
> install this product on those OSes with sym links in place.

What product are you trying to install?

> Why does the Solaris 'ln' funtion differently (better?) than 'ln' in Linux??

I think perhaps you are not having trouble with 'ln'.  The 'ln'
command makes links on the filesystem.  How other programs use those
links is unrelated.

Good luck!

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