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ls --color in Windows 2000

From: Justin Randall
Subject: ls --color in Windows 2000
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 10:43:51 -0500

For the latest Win32 port of fileutils, for the 'ls' directory list command, there is an option for color output 'ls --color'.  The defaults for this are green for executables, red for compressions, and blue for directory.  There is an environment variable LS_COLORS that can be changed to modify the output colors for the ls command.  my question for you is how do you set up the LS_COLORS variable on a windows machine?  I've tried using the dircolors utility to set the environment variable but that seems to have no affect.  I was wondering if this was a bug in the win32 port of ls.  It stands to reason that since you can get color output from ls --color on a windows cmd console then you should be able to modify the defaults.  There is no good documentation for the windows version of ls so I cannot verify this.  Is it possible for me to obtain the source code for just the ls win32 binary and not all of the fileutils source?  Thanks for reading this and hopefully you have an answer for how to change the default color output in windows. 
Justin Randall
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
(781) 981-4630

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