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df Usage, nfs errors and timeout

From: eminderlein
Subject: df Usage, nfs errors and timeout
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 10:51:20 +0100 (CET)


being a long term user of the GNU Linux system, I fell this is a viable place
to write my observation, in the hope that you, the receiver, will redirect it to
the correct maintainer of the right package.

The problem is the usage of df diskfree and its timeouts.

df works nicely on a single pc. 
But when it comes to nfs access, some problems arise related to discontinued
nfs mounts. 

If user A creates an nfs mount on a nfs client and 
if she forgets to umount before turning of the nfs server, 


user B on the nfs client using the df utility will find that it hangs forever. 
This might be a bug or feature of df or of one of its subprocesses. (mount ?)

What is more than a nuisance: 
When having noted the error it is not possible to kill the process of df,
not with crtl-C in the shell nor with a killall nor kill -9 pid_of_df.
Also killing or closing the shell as a parent process does not take away the
hanging df process.

I have experienced that only init S or init 1 does effectively terminate the
processes of df, by closing the net services and killing off all processes but
the single user login shell. 
This is not a solution in a working environment with only nonroot users. 

my df is 
rpm -q -f /bin/df
and it came with SuSE 7.3

This might have been fixed already,  then I will be happy to learn this.
If this is an old but "new to You" bug, then please take the apropriate

Thanks in advance for the action and for enableing us to use GNU/Linux Software.


mit freundlichen Gruessen

Erich Minderlein
E-Mail: address@hidden

Date: 26-Feb-03
Time: 15:15:00
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