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Re: question about adding

From: David T-G
Subject: Re: question about adding
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 18:22:30 -0500
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AC --

...and then Clater_A said...
% Recently I undertook writing a function of a script that needed to tell if a
% file was more than x number of minutes old.  Quite simple, but a dastardly
% trick to do in ksh.  (well, with my limited knowledge)  Instead, I turned to

Heh :-)

% a c++ programmer friend, and of course he churned out a simple c++ program
% in no time.  Simple, effective.  Does one task, and does it well.  Remind
% you of anything?


% He's informed me that he has no problem gpl'ing it, and so I ask you -- What
% should I do with this thing?  It's not a 'project' in any sense of the word,
% but i feel it's incredibly useful.

Put it up on your web page and start tooting the horn :-)

There are a number of programs which will give you this sort of info in
one way or another.  I personally like whipping out perl for this sort of
thing.  While I'm heartily in favor of the *NIX philosophy, I think that
perhaps a single program dedicated to telling if a file was older than X
minutes is a little *too* dedicated to one function :-)

% ac

Finally, this list is for reporting bugs in the GNU fileutils (now part
of coreutils) package.  Software evangelization is just up the street
somewhere :-)

Thanks & HAND

David T-G                      * There is too much animal courage in 
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