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Re: Memory consumption with cp -l

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Memory consumption with cp -l
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 09:37:12 -0700
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Ole Tange wrote:
> Is there any other thing that can influence on the RAM usage? E.g. version
> of glibc, version of kernel, version of filesystem?

To lay some foundation for the environment in which you are seeing
this problem the following information would be useful.  Can you
determine the version of your libc?  And other useful information.
(I know you said you compiled the latest 4.5.9.  Very good!)

  Debian: dpkg -l libc6
  Redhat: rpm -q glibc

  uname -a

  cp --version | grep ^cp

I can't see how but the type of the filesystem may have an effect
there.  Might as well check.  What does 'df -T' say about the
filesystem that you are copying from and to.  Just the filetype is
needed from that information.

  df -T .

Since you are seeing this problem but Jim is not I suspect it is a
difference based upon the differences in the way ./configure builds
your binaries.  An #ifdef there that takes the code into a different
path.  But perhaps not.  In which case the failure is a data
dependent.  Do you see anything particularly interesting about the
input tree?  Filenames really long?  Really short?  Lots of them in
one directory?  Files already hardlinked many times?  Something


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