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Re: Memory consumption with cp -l

From: Ole Tange
Subject: Re: Memory consumption with cp -l
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 17:45:53 +0100 (CET)

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Bob Proulx wrote:

> Ole Tange wrote:
> >
> > Is there any other thing that can influence on the RAM usage? E.g. version
> > of glibc, version of kernel, version of filesystem?
> To lay some foundation for the environment in which you are seeing
> this problem the following information would be useful.  Can you
> determine the version of your libc?  And other useful information.

See previous mail.

> I can't see how but the type of the filesystem may have an effect
> there.  Might as well check.  What does 'df -T' say about the
> filesystem that you are copying from and to.  Just the filetype is
> needed from that information.
>   df -T .

/dev/hda6 reiserfs 15703020 15281560 421460 98% /

> Since you are seeing this problem but Jim is not I suspect it is a
> difference based upon the differences in the way ./configure builds
> your binaries.

Computer 1 is a heavily modified Mandrake 8.2.
Computer 2 is an up-to-date Gentoo.

Both show the same problem.

> An #ifdef there that takes the code into a different
> path.  But perhaps not.  In which case the failure is a data
> dependent.  Do you see anything particularly interesting about the
> input tree?  Filenames really long?  Really short?  Lots of them in
> one directory?  Files already hardlinked many times?  Something
> unusual?

Files already hardlinked many times. See previous mail.

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