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"Input/output" error with "dd"

From: Christian Kolly
Subject: "Input/output" error with "dd"
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 08:57:30 +0100

I have some file created with the command

# /sbin/dump uq0fz2 /backup/db1.dmp /database/dsk1

And I cann restore from the file "/backup/db1.dmp" without any problem.

Now, I wannt to put this file to a DLT tape using the following command:

#/bin/dd bs=64k if=/backup/db1.dmp of=/dev/nst0

And I get thIS output to the screen:
182+1 records in
182+1 records out
/bin/dd: closing output file '/dev/nst0': Input/output error

The same command with the dump from an other day may work.
The same command with the dump from an other file system may work.
I try to replace the tape, the tape drive and the scsi cable: no change

A dumpfile give an error avery time a try the dd command or never.

dd version     : 4.1
kernel version : 2.4.9
scsi card      : Adaptec AIC-7892 Ultra 160/m
Tape changer   : Dell Powervault 122T

Any idee?



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