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Bug in version 4.1 of ls

From: Gary . Hanson
Subject: Bug in version 4.1 of ls
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 13:22:06 -0800


I noticed a bug introduced between version 4.0.37 and 4.1 of ls.

Per ASCII character sequencing, in which a hyphen (0x2D) precedes a period
(0x2E), one would expect ls to present the files dhclient-script and
dhclient.conf in that order.  And that is what version 4.0.37 of ls does.
However, version 4.1 reverses them, showing dhclient.conf before

Ditto for files such as cron.weekly and crontab.  Again version 4.0.37
displays them in the expected order, while version 4.1 reverse them.

Based on the above behaviors, it appears as if a period character is
regarded by ls version 4.1 as if it didn't exist within the filename.  Any
comments on what is happening?


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