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chmod (GNU fileutils) 4.0.35

From: David van Gorkom
Subject: chmod (GNU fileutils) 4.0.35
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 10:30:04 +0200

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

when executing

chmod +w file
chmod -w file

this has only effect on the write bit of the user - not to all (i.e. group 
and others are not affected) (whereas +r,-r and +x,-x are working as expected 
and set the permission for all)

Best regards,
David van Gorkom.

I'm not sure if this is a bug - my reference was the freebsd manual for 
chmod, but I tested chmod (GNU fileutils) 4.0.35 under Linux.


The relevant part from the chmod manual is:


     The symbolic mode is described by the following grammar:

   mode ::= clause [, clause ...]
   clause::= [who ...] [action ...] action
   action::= op [perm ...]
   who::= a | u | g | o
   op::= + | - | =
   perm ::= r | s | t | w | x | X | u | g | o


     The op symbols represent the operation performed, as follows:

     +   If no value is supplied for perm, the ``+'' operation has no
   effect.  If no value is supplied for who, each permission bit spec-
   ified in perm, for which the corresponding bit in the file mode
   creation mask is clear, is set.  Otherwise, the mode bits repre-
   sented by the specified who and perm values are set.


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