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Bug in "du", needing current directory

From: John F Meinel Jr
Subject: Bug in "du", needing current directory
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 15:02:41 -0500
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I found an odd bug in using du

Specifically, why does du need to read the current directory if you are wanting the disk usage of a different directory. I ran into this problem because I have a cron job that switches to another user, and then runs du in order to do some monitoring. Whenever I ran this job as root manually, it worked fine, but when I ran it as cron I got the error:

du: cannot open current directory: Permission denied

I eventually figured out that cron was running the process in '/root' , which didn't have read permissions set for the user that the process was switching to.

It is simple to reproduce this. Create a directory as root and then chmod it 700. Switch to that directory and then su to another use (therefore you don't have permission to read the current directory) type du /etc (or some other directory you normally can access), and you should get this error.

My workaround was to give read permissions to /root, but that really isn't a preferred method.

# du --version
du (fileutils) 4.1.9
Written by Torbjorn Granlund, David MacKenzie, Larry McVoy, and Paul Eggert.

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