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fileutils-4.1.9 rm command bug

From: hezhenxing
Subject: fileutils-4.1.9 rm command bug
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 18:07:10 +0800

   First, thanks for your job.
   I think there is a bug in the file 'fileutils-4.1.9/src/remove.c', line 523, 
the function is 'is_empty_dir', you 'opendir' the 'dir', but not 'closedir' it. 
This does not cause any problems in most filesystems, but it does cause 
problems in filesystems that do the (!d_unhashed(entry)) check before they do 
the real deletion. you can't 'rm' directories in such filesystem with '-i' or 
'-ir' option.

                                        He Zhenxing
He Zhenxing <address@hidden>

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