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problem with RM comand

From: Stéphan
Subject: problem with RM comand
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 13:03:37 +0200

hi , i'm a french debian user so excuse my poor english :o)
i've got a probleme with the comand RM
i' dont know exactly if RM is the responsable of my problem but you'll
see :
i created a script in KSH to create the env for the installation of
Oracle 8.1.7
during my work i encountered the following problem :
# pwd
# /home/toto
# ls 
# a_la_Fete_1.mpg
i ran the following command :
# rm $Fete*
i accidently changed the * with a $
the result is that the command RM erase without confirmation all the
file of my folder
i re-execute the command to view the content of this "bizarre" variable
# echo $Fete*
# *
i don't undestand the signification of that
could you help me ,
is this normal ????
thank you for your help
                -(o o)-
             .oooO   Oooo.
             (   )   (   )
              \ (     ) /
               \_)   (_/

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