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Re: ls strange sort behavior...

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: ls strange sort behavior...
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 21:19:12 -0600
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jonathan j kapleau cis stnt wrote:
> Sorry about that.  Here is the result from running locale on my machine:
> LANG=en_US.iso885915
> Hope that helps.

Immensely.  (Thanks David!)

> > % Sorry if you are already aware of this.  What follows is the result of:
> [...dictionary sort order example...]

You must be using a RH or derived system.  :-(  RH does not give you
the option not to set this variable and therefore it surprises people
when RH systems sort with a non-standard sort order.  It is probably
the number one reported bug in RH systems.  Unfortunately people
report it to us here instead of to them there.  You can unset lang to
return to the standard default and I believe all sorting operations
will return to what you expect.

Here is a semi-standard reply:

Please read this faq, look for "Sort does not sort" for the entry in


See the standards documentation for more information on the locale
variables with regards to sort.



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