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Not a bug but a new feature in df

From: Schiffer, Heiko
Subject: Not a bug but a new feature in df
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:15:12 +0100

Hi all.

I worried about the headerline in the output in df. So I made
a small enhancement, that allows the user to suppress that
I appended two new  options --header (default) and --no-header.
Are you interested to append this new feature to version 4.2 of
fileutils? I used fileutils-4.1 for my patch.

Attached is the new source and a diff.

Heiko Schiffer
Financial Services
System Designer
Comline AG

Fon +49 231 97575-138
Fax +49 231 97575-238
Mobil +49 163 7575815
EMail: address@hidden

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