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is this a du bug? (du V. 4.1, 6.7/2003)

From: W. Curtiss Priest
Subject: is this a du bug? (du V. 4.1, 6.7/2003)
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2004 17:56:33 -0400

OS: win95b (OSR 2.0)

File partitions:  FAT16 and FAT32

If du starts in the root directory, it does not
appear to see any sub-directories under either
FAT16 or FAT32.

e.g.  du e:\
where e: is a 32 gig HD, single FAT32 partition

gives a single line:

0       e:\

or du c:\
where c: is the first primary (and boot) FAT16 partition of
a 20 gig drive, partitioned to 2 gigs.

0       c:\

If du starts at any sub-directories, it behaves
as expected, such as:

du c:\windows

And running du under XP with NTFS and FAT32, behaves
as expected in the root.

If you wish an ISO image of the Windows install CD,
I would be glad to provide it under "fair use."


Dr. Priest

           W. Curtiss Priest, Director, CITS
   Research Affiliate, Comparative Media Studies, MIT
      Center for Information, Technology & Society
         466 Pleasant St., Melrose, MA  02176
   781-662-4044  address@hidden http://Cybertrails.org

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