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Re: [Bug-gnu-arch] taglines make your tree more fragile.

From: Michael Teichgräber
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnu-arch] taglines make your tree more fragile.
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 12:09:23 +0100
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Thomas Zander <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden:uicompiler$tla what-changed | grep makeRelease
> D  makeRelease.sh
> A  makeRelease.sh
> I tried to get the latest revision but that is just not possible.  Undo, 
> replay and others failed to find the file I was talking about.

With what message does undo fail? I just removed tha arch-id from a
file, saw a `what-changed' output similar to that above, and used `tla
undo' to revert the whole action.

Do you use a value of `untagged-source' different from `source' in
your {arch}/=tagging-method?

> I suggest allowing undo/redo or update to fetch those versions from
> tla again, maybe with the 'tagid' added.

Normally undo should already do that, if it is not stopped by tree-lint.


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