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[Bug-gnu-arch] Message from eBay Member (eBay) ID 920017

From: address@hidden
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] Message from eBay Member (eBay) ID 920017
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 15:05:49 +0800

Hy, I am writing you this first so that we wouldn't spend each other's time by talking about a product and then disagree when it comes to closing the deal. Here's how things are : the firm that I am working for as recently sent me to Spain to buy some products for them due to the tax policy that this country has (IT software and hardware is much cheaper than in the US because this domain is underdeveloped and they wish to evolve so they cut down the import taxes). To my surprise, they were right and I found out that here a product is 15 - 35 % cheaper, depending where you look. Also, the black market flourishes here and prices are even lower and you can get the same product from the backdoor of a store at even HALF the price it's worth. A $2000 laptop for example is between 1400 and 1800 $ in the store and some times you can buy it for 1000-1100 from the seller after his round finishes (not all do that,but I managed to make some 'friends'). So the only way I can receive any kind of money is through money transfer companies. I am aware of eBay's warnings not to use such payment methods, that is why I contacted them and asked for a solution. They said I should contact one of their affiliate companies "Square Trade". I did so and found out that one of their domains is supervising these kind of transactions. They work together with eBay and provide supervising, support and insurance in this matter. Back to business, because of this inconvenience I am willing to negotiate with each of you a downpayment (of at least 50%, depending on the product and customer) for the item you are interested in, the rest following to be wired by you after receiving it. Here's how this works : you contact me and tell me what you want to buy, I contact Square Trade, they contact eBay, then eBay gets back to them and finally they get back to you with eBay's approval and the name and address of their representative. Even though this seems a long trip for your order, it actually takes anywhere from 2 to max 10 minutes. After you get the confirmation, you must go to a Western Union office and wire the money to the name they provide you. When all this is completed your package will be sent via UPS Next Day Air and you should receive it within 48h. If my terms are ok with you than send an email with the product you are interested in and I will give you more info on it (pictures, serial tags and others). All of my products are in sealed boxes and most of them come with 1 year warranty. Also the shipping is free worldwide for an order of at least 300$. Thank you for your time, and I hope we do business together ! Here i will show you some of items : New Apple PowerBook G4 17 Laptop SAMSUNG LCD SyncMaster 19" LCD Canon DC-20 Camera Dell Latitude D800 Laptop Samsung D600 (new model cell phone) Nokia 6230i cell phone Vertu (High Luxury cell phone model, with gold keys) and many others.. I can buy from here a lot of items..allmost all you need. All of them are in boxes and never opened. If you need something contact me directly at my mail address@hidden . Regards..
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