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[Bug-gnu-arch] Re[7]:

From: Wagner Bud
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] Re[7]:
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 09:34:17 +0000

Rimsky unfastened his briefcase, pulled out fifty roubles and thrust them at the driver through the open window. A few moments later the taxi, shaking like a leaf in a storm, was flying along the ring boulevard. Bouncing up and down in his seat, Rimsky caught occasional glimpses of the driver's delighted _expression_ and his own wild look in the mirror. Jumping out of the car at the station, Rimsky shouted to the first man he saw, who was wearing a white apron and a numbered metal disc : 'First class single--here's thirty roubles,' he said as he fumbled for the money in his briefcase. ' If there aren't any seats left in the first I'll take second ... if there aren't any in the second, get me " Hard " class! ' Glancing round at the illuminated clock the man with the apron snatched the money from Rimsky's hand. Five minutes later the express pulled out of the glass-roofed station and steamed into the dark. With it vanished Rimsky. It is not hard to guess that the fat man with the purple face who was put into room No. 119 at the clinic was Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoi. He had not, however, been put into Professor Stravinsky's care at once, ntsqrusrogs psfrpt spf qfp fp r nk p gpo qstmp kq opq sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf

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