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[Bug-gnu-arch] peppy

From: Humphry Morgan
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] peppy
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 18:12:47 +0300

If they hadbeen told they might have taken to the boats.
Theboy lay with his hands behind his head.
Anthony sat in the cabin that morning immensely self-satisfied. The four Foulahs had fired straight into the focsle door.
And even thatwould soon exhaust the now depleted supply.
Anthony nodded approval of these independent sentiments.
He took his place in the shadow of the mast and leanedagainst it.
In this case I shall HAVE to believe you. I trust youunderstand my precarious position with Señor Gallego.
It was the falsetto voice of the captain. It was possible that the cook and hisboy might be counted on to stay with the ship.
Mongo Tom no like him people come say how-do Gallego ship.
CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVENTHE CREW GO ASHOREAll night the Ariostatica gradually drew in toward the land. His favourite was now bunking with the rest of the crew. I talk only with him, snapped Anthonyin French. It is agreat gift but their help is worth it. Besideshimself he had Juan, Ali Bongo and his four other Foulahs, thepilot, and his two Kru boys. He was within a fewfeet of Anthony before he saw him. To have had the same trickplayed on him twice!
Don Ramón sat acrossthe table too tired with rage to be angry any longer.
In a few hours Anthonyknew she would raise the coast. The tidal basin here was about a mile across.
He saw the captain standing on thefocsle with a smoking pistol in his hand.
Doubtless that was why the mate had stayed below solong that morning. But the sightof so luxurious and self-hypnotized a dreamer had amazed andfascinated him. He discovered later that the mans legchain had been cut through. It was just at this point that Anthony felt a final crisis with thecrew might occur.
Whatever came he meant to hold the cabin.
The shipmoved upstream more and more sluggishly. The smoke from the ships galley had drifted intotheir nostrils.
CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVENTHE CREW GO ASHOREAll night the Ariostatica gradually drew in toward the land. The yachtishness of theAriostatica emerged from years of grime. The ship felt the reliefsensibly and no longer threatened to lay to.
Ispread them in the hold in front of the bulkhead and waited.
This reachin particular was literally dragon-haunted.
The ship bolted ahead like a whipped horse. A calf like a huge, fat grub appeared swimming at itsmothers side.

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