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[Bug-gnu-arch] admirer

From: Theobald Leonard
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] admirer
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 21:55:33 -0500

Simon is terriblydistressed and he feels so helpless.
Downes, waslaughing merrily at a remark of his neighbour.
At any rate he would not sink to self-pity. Onpaper Bronson Jane was almost too good to be true.
And theres just theone man I know that fills the bill.
He had a plain sagaciousface, a friendly mouth, and deep-set eyes, luminous and masterful. He gave instructions for bringing the old one up todate.
Francishas a good many sides, and most people know only one of them.
But he was still keeping his thoughts at a distance, for the timehad not come to face them. He flushed deeply andsprang to his feet, upsetting his chair.
He roselanguidly, struggled through the day, and went to bed exhausted.
Well,he must indulge that craving at a distance, or otherwise hisfriends would discover the reason. He wassuffering from advanced tuberculosis, a retarded consequence of hisgas poisoning.
He had chosen the third, but seemed tohave a foot also in every other world.
He had survived the War, when the best of hiscontemporaries had fallen in swathes.
Ive been stuck so tight in my job down south that Ivegotten out of touch with my friends. Only now that hisbody was failing did he realise how little he had used it.
Nobody knows about itexcept in the family. Hes a poor man and always will be, for a diplomatcant be a money-maker. Hartand may be reprinted only when these eBooks are free of all fees. You have been akind master to me, sir, and Im proud to have served you.
Maybe, but this is a picked party, remember. Simon Ravelston was a big man with a head like Jove, and a noblesilvered beard.
Finding Francis may mean a good deal ofbodily wear and tear and taking some risks. So on his return to London he sought out Acton Croke andhad himself examined.
A man like you cant ever get out of harness.
Hes on the John Hopkins staff and ismaking a big name for himself in lung surgery. But justlately things havent been going too well with Felicity. Johnsons reply to Boswells That, sir, was greatfortitude of mind. THIS eBook IS OTHERWISE PROVIDED TO YOU AS-IS.
Finding Francis may mean a good deal ofbodily wear and tear and taking some risks. Ever since a littleboy hes been set on doctoring and nothing would change him. Now he must be aware every hour of its ignoble frailty.

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