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[Bug-gnu-arch] motor home tango

From: Fred Pate
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] motor home tango
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 20:10:44 -0000

Our compact sealed, we went through the door and found the priestwaiting outside. But Hans gripped my arm and said:Baas, be not afraid. Yes, Baas, thanks to the cleverness of the Baas about the matches andthe rest. Then I ceased talking, for something in the atmosphere of the placeabsorbed my attention.
Anything more ridiculous than this scene it is impossible to imagine. Infact, I think it was Dramana who kissed me, for she, too, had gonemad.
Different men havedifferent tastes, Baas. I cut off thefinger of another who wished to shake hands with me when I had toldhim to go away.
Yes, I answered, and now I understand where Zikalis magic comesfrom. But then your people roughly hunted her away, sothat we were obliged to walk to your town.
Are you not our honoured guests and the messengersof a Great One? I asked, seeing that she who waschosen last year must be sacrificed this year? Yes, lots, I replied with energy, but perhaps of another sort.
I suppose that thevapour from that accursed powder had got into our brains.
I pray so also, since she is too fair to die, I answered, who wouldbe a lovely wife for any man.
Hans, I said, keep your rifle ready, but dont shoot unless you areobliged. Does he seek such a fate as that which befell thehound without your doors?
Then, by way of changing the subject,he pointed to the end of the room. Dacha seemed as though he were about to say something, a word of doommayhap.
You will learn all about Heu-Heu before the night isover. I reflected, natural gas coming from the volcano, such as Ihave heard of in Canada.
This was now empty, although in it lights still burned.
I was puzzled for a moment till Hans remarked:I think she means the matches, Baas.
But how are you named, O Messenger of Zikali? Butwhile we are here we must drink nothing but water. Our compact sealed, we went through the door and found the priestwaiting outside.

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