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[Bug-gnu-arch] spout

From: Ira Madden
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] spout
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 20:03:15 +0200

He kissed herwith half discernible, dim kisses, and touched her throat. But whateverelse he did, hed never be unkind, and he COULDNT be brutal. Then she looked at the littleclock on his writing-table. It has been hisone aim in life, to make my life happy.
Perfectly lovely shewould look in a mantilla. Of course during the war it was terrible. For some momentshe watched her as she sat sewing. Hereyes became round and childish, her face went yellowish. Not that anybody cares onebit, you know, unofficially.
Oh, please, do not tell him youhave seen it!
So she left him still sitting on the roof. Hannele, who had dodged behind a screen, now came quickly forth. You shall have even five, if you dont mindthe last two weak. The Colonel advises me to go home on leave. It was almost a gargoyle smile, a strange, lurking,changeless-seeming grin. Judging from his portrait, as you callit.
I do wish, she said wistfully, there had been a larger selectionof the dolls.
It wasexactly like day in some other planet. Not to be regarded from a human point of view.
Hewas like the doll, a tall, slender, well-bred man in uniform. The trouble is, they are apparentlygoing to have to take official notice.
He sat gazing with curious, bright, dark, unseeing eyes at the dollwhich he held by one arm.
Nothing means anything to you, she challenged.
She lifted her face andwatched as he entered. Onthe contrary, I wish her all the good in the world. Martin was real: German men were real toher.
When he got home, he said to her: Why didnt you meet the boat? What living she now had she earned making these puppets.
Let me feel that we are together, andI dont care about all the rest.
But he had wanted to be high up, becauseof his stars, and this was the place that pleased him.

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