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[Bug-gnu-arch] signpost scent

From: Betty Gaines
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] signpost scent
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:48:58 +0200

Dandyhad lost practically nothing by the fire except his spare-roomfurniture. Well-behaved young women didnt go strolling abouton moonlit nights, wearing wedding-clothes. Tom Dark remembered he had seen a black cat run across the road onhis way to Dandys.
And he was in for marrying awoman like that.
Margaret stood very still for a few moments, patting Brians head. Allthe lost colour and laughter of life seemed to have returned. Dangit, Ive prayed till I was black in the face.
He wasstanding alone on a great, far-reaching plain of moonlit snow.
This was not at all what he hadlooked for.
And we wont ever know who should have had the pieces, saidWilliam Y. Said hed met an old crony inSingapore who gave him an old Charlottetown paper to read. Around it golden grain fields lay in the beautyof harvesting. A greatpyramid of pumpkins shone goldenly in Homer Penhallows yard.
I wonder, he thought wistfully, what it would be like to beloved.
That isnt a sporting thing to say, she murmured gently. He started to say something but DrownedJohn nudged him fiercely. And heres Edith going to have a baby that very week, wailed MrsSim Dark.
I was only goingthrough with it because I didnt want to disappoint you.
Donnas wedding-dress, Drowned John decided, should sweep thefloor.
In his despair the child rushed away from the house andalong the twilit road.
And youve no idea what name was in the envelope? The whole clan realized that the MoonMan had one of his really crazy fits on.
All the lovesome things in itsgarden would be tended and loved. One day, some two months ago, I was up in the barn loft forkingdown straw.
What Brian saw was his Uncle Duncan asleep on his bed.
Things werent interesting when people were toopolite.
After all, youcould not take a jug like that to Africa.
But Margarets softgrey-blue eyes were so tender and pitiful. If Chris had died a natural death Murray would have waitedonly three months.
His mothers so uplifted she can hardly talk. Noel had evidently very little doubt that he would be forgiven.
It was one thing to explain to a womanthat you didnt see your way clear to marrying her after all.
Find them there they did, much to everybodys relief. Dandyhad lost practically nothing by the fire except his spare-roomfurniture.

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