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[Bug-gnu-arch] SERVICES REQUIRED!!

From: National Lottery
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] SERVICES REQUIRED!!
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 21:13:10 +0700

Dear Friend, 

My name is David Smith I have been in the employment for 10yrs of the UK 
National Lottery, I am soliciting your assistance for a swift transfer of 
4,528,000 GBP, should you be willing to assist me in this project we shall me 
sharing the funds 50-50. 

Please be rest assured that this project is ready for execution and it is 100% 
risk free and legal so long as you follow my instructions as the originator, 
just as a brief, the funds in question are actually an unclaimed lottery 
winnings funds, putting my influence within my company in place, I can legally 
establish you as the supposed winner and put up a claim of above funds which 
would be sent to you promptly under the official presumption that you are the 
actual winner. 

I would be generating an electronic ticket in your name to show that you 
actually played and won above funds, all of the official matters would be taken 
care of my me internally within our computing system. 

Should you be willing to assist me in this transaction please do respond to my 
private e-mail, where I would be providing you with my private phone number. 


David Smith

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