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[Bug-gnulib] new modules from gettext

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: [Bug-gnulib] new modules from gettext
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 14:29:35 +0100 (CET)


Now that the module infrastructure is nearly in place (only missing
piece is the "gnulib-tool --import") and I'll start adding new modules
to gnulib. I'll present them one by one, so you get an opportunity to
understand, use and suggest improvements for them. But first, here is
a list: all the general-purpose modules of gettext/lib/.


exit - exit() function: program termination.

minmax - MIN, MAX macros.

xsetenv - xsetenv() function: set an environment variable, with out-of-memory 

c-ctype - Character handling in C locale.

stpncpy - stpncpy() function: copy a size-bounded string, returning a pointer 
to its end.

fstrcmp - Fuzzy string comparison.

vasnprintf - vsprintf with automatic memory allocation and bounded output size.

vasprintf - vsprintf with automatic memory allocation.

mkdtemp - mkdtemp() function: create a private temporary directory.

copy-file - Copying of files.

binary-io - Binary mode I/O.

ucs4-utf8 - Conversion UCS-4 to UTF-8.

ucs4-utf16 - Conversion UCS-4 to UTF-16.

utf8-ucs4 - Conversion UTF-8 to UCS-4.

utf16-ucs4 - Conversion UTF-16 to UCS-4.

linebreak - Line breaking (works also for East-Asian languages).

findprog - Locating a program in PATH.

wait-process - Waiting for a subprocess to finish.

execute - Creation of autonomous subprocesses.

pipe - Creation of subprocesses, communicating via pipes.

sh-quote - Shell quoting.

classpath - Java CLASSPATH handling.

javacomp - Compile a Java program.

javaexec - Execute a Java program.

gcj - Use a Java compiler that creates executables.

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