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Avoiding WIN* macros in GNU code [was Re: [Jim Meyering] Re: [Bug-gnulib

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Avoiding WIN* macros in GNU code [was Re: [Jim Meyering] Re: [Bug-gnulib] strftime merge from Emacs]
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 17:10:50 -0400
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Richard Stallman wrote:

   I haven't seen WINDOWSNT used before.
   Here are some of the window-related macros I have seen:

     _WIN32 WIN32 __WIN32__ __MSDOS__ WINDOWS32

WINDOWSNT is what Emacs uses.  It is a GNU convention that we do not
use the abbreviation "WIN" to refer to Windows.  Are those names
used in any GNU packages?

CVS was using it. I just changed that, aside from a reference in lib/system.h to set WOE32 when it found WIN32 defined.

I did notice that gzip/zlib appears to be switching on WIN32 extensively, at least as of 1.1.4. I've cc'd the zlib-devel mailing list.

There was also one switch on _WIN32 in the version of GNU diff that CVS uses, but we're several releases behind the latest GNU diff release.



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