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[Bug-gnulib] Starting point for xmalloc documentation

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: [Bug-gnulib] Starting point for xmalloc documentation
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 21:19:26 +0200
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If someone uses xalloc and wants to mention it in their documentation,
here is some texinfo code.  This is written for a GSS library, but is
simple to modify for other applications.  Improvements and additions

(Since there is no gnulib manual, I'm just sending this into the
mailing list archives for now, in the hope that someone will find it
useful in the future.  License is GFDL, I guess.)

@node Out of Memory handling
@section Out of Memory handling

@cindex Out of Memory handling
@cindex Memory allocation failure
The GSS API does not have a standard error code for the out of memory
error condition.  Instead of adding a non-standard error code, this
library has chosen to adopt a different strategy.  Out of memory
handling happens in rare situations, but performing the out of memory
error handling after almost all API function invocations pollute your
source code and might make it harder to spot more serious problems.
The strategy chosen improve code readability and robustness.

@cindex Aborting execution
For most applications, aborting the application with an error message
when the out of memory situation occur is the best that can be wished
for.  This is how the library behaves by default.

@vindex xalloc_fail_func
However, we realize that some applications may not want to have the
GSS library abort execution in any situation.  The GSS library support
a hook to let the application regain control and perform its own
cleanups when an out of memory situation has occured.  The application
can define a function (having a @code{void} prototype, i.e., no return
value and no parameters) and set the library variable
@code{xalloc_fail_func} to that function.  The variable should be
declared as follows.

extern void (*xalloc_fail_func) (void);
@end example

The GSS library will invoke this function if an out of memory error
occurs.  Note that after this the GSS library is in an undefined
state, so you must unload or restart the application to continue call
GSS library functions.  The hook is only intended to allow the
application to log the situation in a special way.  Of course, care
must be taken to not allocate more memory, as that will likely also

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