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Re: [Bug-gnulib] dos.m4 revisited

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnulib] dos.m4 revisited
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 10:41:18 -0400
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Jim Meyering wrote:

>Derek Robert Price <address@hidden> wrote:
>>Paul Eggert wrote:
>>>Derek Robert Price <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>both `/' and `\' are called "slashes" on most systems.  I would like
>>>>to suggest that the `ISSLASH' macro be renamed `ISDIRSEP' or the like.
>>>There's prececedent for that.  emacs uses IS_DIRECTORY_SEP.  GCC uses
>>>IS_DIR_SEPARATOR.  On the other hand, several programs use ISSLASH as
>>I just think ISDIRSEP would be clearer since a "slash" can have
>>meanings other than a path element separator in other contexts, though
>>I will grant there is probably rarely ambiguity in projects using
>>Regardless, it would increase readability for people not familar with
>>the code, so I will generate a patch if there is a consensus.
>It'd be good to standardize the names and use of such macros.
>Just yesterday I wrote code to test whether a file name
>represents an absolute path name.  It would have been nice
>to have a ready-made, portable macro.

I agree.  Don't know where its final resting place should be, but
there is already a definition in pathname.h:

address@hidden gnulib]$ grep IS_\\?ABSOLUTE lib/*.[ch] m4/*.m4
lib/pathname.h:   IS_ABSOLUTE_PATH(P)  tests whether P is an absolute
path.  If
it is not,
lib/pathname.h:# define IS_ABSOLUTE_PATH(P) (ISSLASH ((P)[0]) ||
HAS_DEVICE (P))lib/pathname.h:# define IS_ABSOLUTE_PATH(P) ISSLASH
address@hidden gnulib]$

Of course, pathname.h has a conflicting definition for ISSLASH, as do
several other GNULIB modules:

address@hidden gnulib]$ grep "define IS_\\?SLASH" lib/*.[ch] m4/*.m4
lib/dirname.h:#  define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR)
lib/localcharset.c:# define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == '/' || (C) == '\\')
lib/localcharset.c:# define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR)
lib/pathname.h:# define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == '/' || (C) == '\\')
lib/pathname.h:# define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == '/')
lib/progreloc.c:# define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == '/' || (C) == '\\')
lib/progreloc.c:# define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == '/')
m4/dos.m4:# define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == '/' || (C) == '\\')
m4/dos.m4:# define ISSLASH(C) ((C) == '/')
address@hidden gnulib]$

>I have a slight preference for IS_DIR_SEPARATOR.

I don't really have a preference, as long as it is in the IS +
DIRECTORY + SEPARATOR vein, so this would be fine by me.



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