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RE: [Bug-gnulib] GNULib Module nanosleep Breaks CVS Build On Windows

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnulib] GNULib Module nanosleep Breaks CVS Build On Windows
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 12:38:13 -0700

Hi Jim,

> From: Jim Meyering
> Is Visual Studio C++ 6.0 an important (by some measure)
> development platform?

Let's just say the story of Microsoft, Windows and their
tools is a well known and in some circles beloved story.

> Isn't there a more-nearly POSIX-conforming
> development environment that you can use?

Strictly speaking yes, I've identified 2 gcc Windows ports
but resources constrain getting the Windows CVS build there.

> I hate to spend time
> worrying about systems that don't even come close to providing
> POSIX conformance.

Microsoft Windows becoming POSIX compliant reminds me of very
cold days in hell.

I agree a large commitment of time is not appropriate here.

> In any case, I hope we can do something cleaner than including
> <winsock.h>.  If I were to change nanosleep.c to do this:
> # include <sys/select.h>
> #endif
> your system could get by with a definition like this in config.h
> #define HAVE_SYS_SELECT_H 1
> and then a package-supplied sys/select.h file containing the
> required declarations in a directory searched by the compiler,
> specified via `-I dir' or whatever the equivalent is.
> That approach is more in line with the goal of keeping the
> code from becoming encumbered with hacks designed solely to
> accommodate non-conforming systems.

Your suggestion looks entirely reasonable to me however I won't
be doing most of the work since I'm not a CVS project committer.

I hope Derek Price and Jim Hyslop can add definitive opinions
as both have been active on this topic.

Many thanks,

> Jim


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