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RE: [Bug-gnulib] GNULib Module nanosleep Breaks CVS Build On Windows

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnulib] GNULib Module nanosleep Breaks CVS Build On Windows
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 13:04:35 -0700

Hi Jim,

> From: Jim Meyering
> Derek Robert Price wrote:
> > Well, if you don't mind changing
> > lib/nanosleep.c, Jim, we could go with the more current POSIX
> > 1003.1-2001 spec and a sys/select.h substitute.  Otherwise, we can
> > add the prototype to our Windows unistd.h substitute.  :)
> It's probably not worth the trouble to include sys/select.h
> (and take the time to test and discover whatever portability
> problems that may induce), so I suggest you add it to unistd.h.

Our preferred implementation is to include "winsock.h" from within our
"unistd.h" file which gets us past the "nanosleep" issue and our GNULib
subset builds.  

An unfortunate side effect is our GNU diffutils subset build breaks.
We're working this and while we do that I'd like to pose a question:

What are the consequences of revising "nanosleep" to replace the call to
"select" with a call to "usleep" or similar?

Thanks in advance,

Conrad Pino

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