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[bug-gnulib] valloc()?

From: Derek Price
Subject: [bug-gnulib] valloc()?
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 19:01:32 -0500
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Hey all,

I was just looking into merging or eliminating the last few files
compiled into libcvs.a that don't come from GNULIB.  I have some
questions about valloc().

First, I found man pages stating that valloc() was obsoleted in favor of
posix_memalign().  Does anyone have a feel for how portable
posix_memalign() is, especially to obstinately non-POSIX platforms like

Second, if posix_memalign() is not portable, is there any interest in a
GNULIB module either to replace it or valloc()?  I've attached the
valloc.c that CVS is currently using.

Looking forward to your comments,

/* valloc -- return memory aligned to the page size.  */

#include "config.h"

# include "getpagesize.h"

void *
valloc (bytes)
     size_t bytes;
  long pagesize;
  void *ret;

  pagesize = getpagesize ();
  ret = malloc (bytes + pagesize - 1);
  if (ret)
    ret = (long) (ret + pagesize - 1) &~ (pagesize - 1);
  return ret;

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