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Re: [bug-gnulib] Re: [bug-gnulib] stat and lstat should define their r

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: [bug-gnulib] Re: [bug-gnulib] stat and lstat should define their replacements
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 08:20:12 -0400
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Bruno Haible wrote:

>Derek Price <address@hidden> writes:
>>As near as I can tell, stat and lstat do not define names for their
>>replacements as many of the other GNULIB modules do.
>Yes. The 'stat' and 'lstat' modules look incomplete. I think this should
>be added to make them usable out-of-the-box.
>diff -c -3 -r1.20 lstat.m4
>*** m4/lstat.m4        2 May 2005 07:00:50 -0000       1.20
>--- m4/lstat.m4        25 May 2005 11:17:55 -0000
>*** 19,24 ****
>--- 19,25 ----
>  [

This last isn't necessary, at least with AC 2.59, AC_FUNC_LSTAT requires
AC_FUNC_LSTAT_FOLLOWS_SLASHED_SYMLINK.  As near as I can tell from the
autoconf CVS repository, this has been true since revision 1.1, in Aug
of 2000.  Don't know where 1.1 came from.  Glancing at the tags, it was
pre Autoconf 2.50, though.  Doesn't GNULIB require a more recent
Autoconf than that?

Other than that, the patch looks good by me.



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