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Re: stat and lstat should define their replacements

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: stat and lstat should define their replacements
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 10:57:30 -0400
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Derek Price wrote:

>I've attached a revised patch.  In addition to integrating the
>suggestions Bruno's patch received, it also includes changes to
>modules/lstat, config/srclist.txt, and MODULES.html.sh.  In addition to
>this patch, lib/stat.c, m4/stat.m4, and modules/stat need to be removed.

I installed this patch in CVS and it passes nightly testing on some 9
platforms, including several Linux's, NetBSD 1.6.1, Solaris 8, BSD/OS,
HPUX 11.11, an AIX, and a few others.  Likely others have updated from
the CVS repository and run it on several other platforms without bug
reports by now as well.  I can install it if no one has any further



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