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for review: Patch for gettext.m4 to better support included libintl

From: Claudio Fontana
Subject: for review: Patch for gettext.m4 to better support included libintl
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 15:40:32 -0800 (PST)


I forward to the list this small patch for better
"included libintl" support for review. It is my
intention to do these other things to further improve
integration of intl with gnulib:

* make a gettext-included module that automatically
calls gettextize --intl
  on gnulib-tool --import.

* document this setup better where necessary


when writing code that should be portable to systems
that do not happen to 
have a working libintl, the current situation is in my
opinion suboptimal.

running gettextize --intl creates the necessary intl/
subdirectory (the INTLDIR) in the to-be-distributed

Then suppose we are using full autotools and gnulib
support, so lib/, and lib/Makefile.am are completely
handled by gnulib.

lib/ itself and any other intl-aware code needs to
[indirectly] include libintl.h, so it would be handy
(and orthogonal to what happens in the [external]
case) if AM_GNU_GETTEXT, when using the included
libintl, automatically added -I $INTLDIR to the

This patch does exactly that: adds INTLDIR to the
CPPFLAGS when using the internal libintl.



Chiacchiera con i tuoi amici in tempo reale! 

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