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Re: bug in readutmp module

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: bug in readutmp module
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:32:08 +0100

Bruno Haible <address@hidden> wrote:
> The reason is that m4/readutmp.m4 invokes gl_FUNC_FREE, but m4/free.m4 is not
> part of this module or its dependencies.
> Here is a fix. OK to commit?

Hi Bruno!

Thanks for working on this.

Adding the module dependency is fine.

However, I'm reluctant to remove the AC_REQUIRE, since
that would make the code+.m4 combination depend silently on
having a particular implementation of free.  I know that
there are many other instances where dependencies have moved
from .m4 file to the corresponding modules/ file, and
everyone should use gnulib-tool, but ...

Thinking about it some more, it seems backwards to move the
dependency information from the .m4 file to the module file.
I think of the .m4 file as recording dependencies inherent in the
corresponding source files.  How about if we leave the now-redundant
AC_REQUIRE in place for now?  Maybe someone will make gnulib-tool
automatically detect such dependencies.

> 2006-01-08  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>
>       * m4/readutmp.m4 (gl_READUTMP): Don't require gl_FUNC_FREE. Use a
>       module dependency instead.
>       * modules/readutmp: Depend on module free.

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