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Re: translations

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: translations
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 10:40:40 +0100

address@hidden (Karl Berry) wrote:
> This isn't a gnulib question, but this seems like the best set of people
> to ask :) -- I've recently gotten a couple new po files for Texinfo, but
> submitted via email instead of through the translation project.
> I've been telling them to go through the translation project, but now I
> wonder if that's the general practice, or whether you-all have accepted
> translations "on the fly"?
> (I know the turbulent history here, no need to rehash it; I'm just
> wondering about current procedures.)

Hi Karl,

For coreutils, I request that changes/additions go through
the translation project.  AFAIK, that is the norm.

Using the translation project helps because
  - it requires that they pass the automated tests of the TP robot
  - it makes the translations available in what may be a more central location.
      It's probably easier (and less work for us) for translators to update
      them there.
  - some packages get the .po files directly from the TP site.

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