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new modules uniconv/u{8,16,32}-conv-to-enc

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: new modules uniconv/u{8,16,32}-conv-to-enc
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 23:54:32 +0200
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The uniconv.h file was lacking a conversion function from not NUL terminated
Unicode strings to given encodings. This adds them.

2007-06-09  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        * modules/uniconv/u32-conv-to-enc: New file.
        * lib/uniconv/u32-conv-to-enc.c: New file.
        * modules/uniconv/u32-conv-to-enc-tests: New file.
        * tests/uniconv/test-u32-conv-to-enc.c: New file.

        * modules/uniconv/u16-conv-to-enc: New file.
        * lib/uniconv/u16-conv-to-enc.c: New file.
        * lib/uniconv/u-conv-to-enc.h: New file.
        * modules/uniconv/u16-conv-to-enc-tests: New file.
        * tests/uniconv/test-u16-conv-to-enc.c: New file.

        * modules/uniconv/u8-conv-to-enc: New file.
        * lib/uniconv/u8-conv-to-enc.c: New file.
        * modules/uniconv/u8-conv-to-enc-tests: New file.
        * tests/uniconv/test-u8-conv-to-enc.c: New file.

        * lib/uniconv.h (u8_conv_to_encoding, u16_conv_to_encoding,
        u32_conv_to_encoding): New declarations.

*** lib/uniconv.h       27 Jan 2007 00:39:07 -0000      1.1
--- lib/uniconv.h       9 Jun 2007 21:44:49 -0000
*** 76,81 ****
--- 76,118 ----
                               size_t *offsets,
                               uint32_t **resultp, size_t *lengthp);
+ /* Converts an entire Unicode string, possibly including NUL units, from a
+    Unicode encoding to a given encoding.
+    Converts a memory region to encoding TOCODE.  TOCODE is as for
+    iconv_open(3).
+    The input is in the memory region between SRC (inclusive) and SRC + SRCLEN
+    (exclusive).
+    If OFFSETS is not NULL, it should point to an array of SRCLEN integers; 
+    array is filled with offsets into the result, i.e. the character starting
+    at SRC[i] corresponds to the character starting at (*RESULTP)[OFFSETS[i]],
+    and other offsets are set to (size_t)(-1).
+    *RESULTP and *LENGTH should initially be a scratch buffer and its size,
+    or *RESULTP can initially be NULL.
+    May erase the contents of the memory at *RESULTP.
+    Return value: 0 if successful, otherwise -1 and errno set.
+    If successful: The resulting string is stored in *RESULTP and its length
+    in *LENGTHP.  *RESULTP is set to a freshly allocated memory block, or is
+    unchanged if no dynamic memory allocation was necessary.
+    Particular errno values: EINVAL, EILSEQ, ENOMEM.  */
+ extern int
+        u8_conv_to_encoding (const char *tocode,
+                           enum iconv_ilseq_handler handler,
+                           const uint8_t *src, size_t srclen,
+                           size_t *offsets,
+                           char **resultp, size_t *lengthp);
+ extern int
+        u16_conv_to_encoding (const char *tocode,
+                            enum iconv_ilseq_handler handler,
+                            const uint16_t *src, size_t srclen,
+                            size_t *offsets,
+                            char **resultp, size_t *lengthp);
+ extern int
+        u32_conv_to_encoding (const char *tocode,
+                            enum iconv_ilseq_handler handler,
+                            const uint32_t *src, size_t srclen,
+                            size_t *offsets,
+                            char **resultp, size_t *lengthp);
  /* Converts a NUL terminated string from a given encoding.
     The result is malloc allocated, or NULL (with errno set) in case of error.
     Particular errno values: EILSEQ, ENOMEM.  */

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