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Re: problem with #include_next<stdint.h> in /usr/include/idn-int.h

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: problem with #include_next<stdint.h> in /usr/include/idn-int.h
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 13:16:31 +0200
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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your patch. But how does it solve the original problem? Only
because it enables include_next for compilers that support it, and Sun
Studio cc happens to be one of these compilers, right?

> That compiler supports #include_next but is not GCC.
> It gets into recursive inclusion loops, for example:
>    cc  -I.      -g -c allocsa.c
>    "///opt/sun12/sunstudio12/prod/include/cc/time.h", line 6: too many open 
> files: <time.h>
>    "./time.h", line 28: too many open files: 
> "///opt/sun12/sunstudio12/prod/include/cc/time.h"
>    "///opt/sun12/sunstudio12/prod/include/cc/stdlib.h", line 6: too many open 
> files: <stdlib.h>
>    "./unistd.h", line 26: too many open files: 
> "///opt/sun12/sunstudio12/prod/include/cc/unistd.h"
>    "./unistd.h", line 35: too many open files: <stdio.h>
>    "./unistd.h", line 39: too many open files: <stdlib.h>
>    "./unistd.h", line 136: too many open files: <stdlib.h>
>    "allocsa.c", line 74: warning: implicit function declaration: malloc
>    "allocsa.c", line 128: warning: implicit function declaration: free
>    cc: acomp failed for allocsa.c

Can't the same error still occur with other compilers, that don't support

Where does the error actually come from? Has the absolute pathname of a
gnulib header been substituted into itself? Or is there a #include loop
that we weren't aware of?

How can I reproduce it? In which package did you get the error? coreutils?


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