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Re: gai_strerror on mingw32

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: gai_strerror on mingw32
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 22:35:50 +0000 (UTC)
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Bruno Haible <bruno <at> clisp.org> writes:

> How about this?
> 2007-06-27  Simon Josefsson  <simon <at> josefsson.org>
>             Bruno Haible  <bruno <at> clisp.org>
>       * m4/getaddrinfo.m4 (gl_GETADDRINFO): Check for ws2tcpip.h before
>       using HAVE_WS2TCPIP_H. Check for gai_strerror through an explicit
>       link test, rather than AC_REPLACE_FUNCS - for mingw.
>       (gl_PREREQ_GETADDRINFO): Check for sys/socket.h and ws2tcpip.h
>       before using HAVE_SYS_SOCKET_H and HAVE_WS2TCPIP_H.

Won't work on cygwin.

> -  AC_REPLACE_FUNCS(gai_strerror)
> +  # We can't use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS here because gai_strerror may be an
> +  # inline function declared in ws2tcpip.h, so we need to get that
> +  # header included somehow.
> +  AC_CHECK_HEADERS_ONCE(sys/socket.h netdb.h ws2tcpip.h)

Checking for ws2tcpip.h is problematic.  Instead, you need to reuse the check 
made in m4/sys_socket_h.m4, since ws2tcpip.h is present but cannot be compiled 
on cygwin.

Eric Blake

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