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converting gnulib to git: status

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: converting gnulib to git: status
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:07:47 +0200

I've fixed a few robustness problems in git's git-cvsserver.  Once
savannah is running a version of git with that change (the patch is
already upstream, and will be in git-1.5.3), I'll feel better about
switching gnulib's "upstream" repo to git, and letting old-timers (:-)
use git's cvsserver interface (but solely for read-only access).
Note however that the CVS emulation isn't a trivial shoe-in;  we'll
have to do something to ensure that all of the existing web-oriented
CVS-repo-accessing links are either switched to git-based ones or to
use syntax that works with git-cvsserver.

All of that to say that while switching to git is simple (personally I'd
be happy to do it at any time, and drop CVS), if we want to continue to
provide access to the repository via CVS clients, there's more work.

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